Your Website is Nice, Average, Like All the Others: See the Problem?

There are two ways to improve getting found on Google and other search engines: 1) Pay for position, and 2) Organically.

Pay for position (Google words, etc.) only works while you pay - and the price will continually go up over time – not a good thing unless you have very deep pockets. Many people ignore these paid ads, viewing them as little more than Spam.

Organic SEO is a much better alternative for smaller businesses, but requires more finesse on the part of the SEO specialist – most of them focus on well-known and universally used principles – which gives you only limited advantage on the web.

We at Data Management Systems have developed a completely different method to organically improve search engine visibility – “Dynamic Marketing Pages™“

Dynamic Marketing Pages™“ (or DMPs™) use individually optimized websites for each of the important attributes of your product or service – each of which will help you become dramatically more visible in web searches.

Our DMPs™ are designed to provide prospects with the information needed to make a buying decision AT THE TIME THEY ARE READY TO BUY. They augment and make more powerful your existing website. They also introduce you to the prospect – with the goal of building the trust needed so that the prospect will want to work with you.

We provide you with five (5) DMPs™. These multiple “hits” not only make your site more visible, but also push your competitor’s sites further down the search results page. GUARANTEED RESULTS!

Ask about our DMP Licensing (Lease Back) Agreement that first develops these DMPs and then maintains their “Search Engine Friendliness”. During the term of this Agreement, we only promote your product or service for your benefit. Who Else WILL NOT SELL TO YOUR COMPETITORS ??

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Significant Parts of the Above was written by Mark van Stolk of Calaveras Business Coaching, LLC who we highly recommend as a Business Coach - Mike Stewart – President, Data Management Systems, Inc. - (901) 828-9701